Ashingham Talents

After the Last Gateway

Harmony quartermain moonbase

Areas of the Harmony/Quartermain Moonbase

  1. Transport Maintenance
    Airlocked “offices” and “work hangars” in otherwise open building.
  2. Isolabs
    Airlocked, independent rooms.
  3. Medical
    Airlocked hallways, a few airlocked rooms, a few airlocked & independent rooms.
  4. Brig
    Airlocked hallways
  5. Landing Silos
    1. 10x Sm. Transport
    2. 5x Lg. Transport
    3. 6x XLg./Cargo Transport
  6. Farms
    1. Grain Farm
    2. Vegetable Farm
    3. Fruit Farm
    4. Ranch
  7. Transport Tunnels
    Approx. 2 lane tunnels, one each direction of traffic, sunk slightly below ground.
  8. Main Base
    1. Mundane Quarters
      Airlocked buildings under dome.
    2. Low-powered Metahuman Quarters
      Airlocked buildings in connected clusters under dome.
    3. High-powered Metahuman Quarters
      Underground airlocked apartments, park above.
    4. VIP Quarters
      Airlocked personal towers, w/ private shelters.
    5. Administration
      Multifloored building, airlocked rooms & hallways
    6. Operations
      Airlocked “office” buildings under dome.

Stylistic Heads Up (From the GM)

This is the last story arc/scenario in the Ashingham Talents Campaign. I am not planning on continuing the campaign, nor revisiting it at a future time. As I’ve stated repeatedly in-session, from this point on, the kid gloves are off, and the characters are essentially encountering The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (though I promise not to make it take a century in-game). This explicitly means: the characters can die, and I will be trying my best to kill them.

Having said that, I will not be using arbitrary tactics. Rocks will not fall, killing everyone. The following is the list of ground rules I will be using:

  • There are no protected characters, player or otherwise. All are mortal.
  • A happy ending is not guaranteed. Neither is an unhappy ending.
  • As you all have noticed, the bad guys are extensively modelled after the Harry Potter Death Eaters, barring Voldemort himself. This means that you should expect them to use powers/spells attributed to them in the books.
  • Avada Kevadra will NOT be modelled as “Transform(Living-to-Dead)[Non-physical, Permanent, Living Only, Willpower Cost]”.
  • Your opponents have a high-scale hypermind advising/manipulating/controlling them. Your weaknesses WILL be targeted. Your strengths WILL be rendered impotent or immaterial.
  • Specifically, that means you can expect non-physical attacks (which I also refer to as No-Normal-Defense). The best defense against such attacks is to not be there. Learn To Dodge. And Use It.
  • I will NOT place the entire base into a Null Lifeforce Field (Nullify(Lifeforce/Ki)[Area 10] 6-10w. Remember, they’re all Genetic-based, so that wouldn’t hurt THEM, and the hypermind/Harmony knows it.
  • No opponent’s attack will be guaranteed to be instantly lethal. They may HURT a lot, though.
  • If you end up surprised at a tactic being used, you’ve missed a clue.

I’ll also offer this ray of hope. Despite your opponents being based on 1250 pts., they still retain a few large, glaring weaknesses against your party. Their victory is NOT guaranteed.

Death Eater Powers Defined

  • Avada Kedavra: Harm (Engulf, NND[Dodge], Full Power, If/Living Only, Obvious, Willpower Cost)
  • Crucio: Harm(Limited Damage[Stun], Willpower Investment, Engulf, NND[Dodge]) + Bind(Resist[Command+Stability], No Mass, Attached[Harm], Automatic)
  • Imperio: Mind Control(Duration, Useful[Commands])
  • Stupefy: Harm(Engulf, Obvious, Limited Damage[Stun])
  • Sectumsempra: Harm(Limited Damage[Kill],Obvious)
  • Confringo: Harm(Radius,Obvious)
  • Occulmency: Hyperskill[Stability]
  • Legilmency: Telepathy
  • Apparition: Teleport(-Attack)

EARM Armor: Enhanced Agility, Reduced Mass. Armor limits are applied only to the total body, not per hit location.

Nullify Rifle: A ranged weapon that suppresses Ki in a small area. [Nullify(Lifeforce, Technical), Area, Spray 3d) 4w]



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