Ashingham Talents

Antarctic KSR and Super Vegetable Soup

Antarctica Yellow Dome

The last session, we were done with Alpha Base, waking up in the
hospital, and being discharged.

Now? We’ve just woken up outside, on white – maybe ice, maybe snow
– very cold. Winter blue-gray sky above us. Distant flecks of black
and gray on the horizon around us, in what is otherwise a glowing
white pristine landscape. There is a glowing yellow dome in front of

Ben’s GPS puts us on Antarctica, and Tevin’s run to find a clock shows
we’re about 4 months into the future. On the map of Antarctica we
would be approximately under the ‘Queen Elizabeth Range’ label. (85 S
by 110 E +/- 5 deg.) The flecks in the distance are the Queen Elizabeth Range mountains poking up out of the ice and snow.

Ben’s research shows that this is not a known technological device,
but is similar to effects seen around other supers. Digging down
about 12’, with a 6’ headroom, and carefully digging towards the dome,
Ben shows that the dome does not extend underground. Ben comes back
out and says “Hello!”

Reset to “Now? We’ve just woken up…” There is no hole. We have no
memory of a hole. We have no memory of Ben saying “Hello!”.

Tevin runs to Admunsen-Scot (south pole base), where he is told that
he has been here before, but he has no memory of it. They escort him
to a closed research area where the Medical NTA is working. Tevin
explains where we’re at, and the researcher goes HALLELUA! A
BREAKTHROUGH! when she hears about the yellow dome. Suddenly paging
through various reports, eventually asking if he would take them back
to the dome. Tevin does so, planting sensors every 10 miles, and
bringing the science team in afterward.

While that was going on, Mallory touches the dome and looses a finger.

We notice that the dome is slightly curved. We only knew it was a
dome because it curved away above. The radius is such that the dome
at our level looks like a horizontal wall.

As Tevin brings in the team, they ‘freeze’. They’re still breathing,
but they’re motionless, vacant eyed, etc. Tevin takes two of them
back to the previous 10 mile sensor post, and they revive, so he takes
the rest of the science team back. He also does a quick survey and
determines that the dome is about 700 miles in circumference.

The science team does not remember anything after their second cup of
coffee that morning. There’s a chunk of 17 sensors in the middle of
the trail that are missing, and the sensors start disappearing tick,
tick, tick, towards the base. Tevin is given a copy of their
information to run to the Palmer (USA) base on the antarctic

Ben, repeats the dig a tunnel, and after having a moment of Deja Vue,
says “Hello!”. BAMPF. Those of us at the dome are affected.
Mallory has no idea how he lost the finger. Tevin is NOT affected.

Deja Vue check, no one succeeds at this one. Every time Ben digs the
hole and says Hello, we go through it again. These times, Tevin is
outside the effect.

Tevin, as the data is being copied, notices something wrong. Like a
flicker at the corner of your eye that you can’t quite see. He goes
into hyper-speed stealth mode dodging back and forth into the room
trying to catch onto whatever the flicker is.

Straining his abilities, Tevin finally sees that there’s another
speedster, not quite as fast as Tevin, but stealthy. The other
speedster is erasing the data at hyper speed. Tevin hits him with a
fire-extinguisher. BONK! The other speedster is unconcious (3S/1K
to head).

We go through another groundhog day. Ben gets another Deja Vue.
Mallory starts to call out “Help Me”, using his charm, but Ben
silences him. “I have a very bad feeling about making loud sounds,
let’s be quiet.”

Tevin continues talking with the scientists. Mallory’s nulification
power kicks in. Where it intersects the dome, it momentarily creates
a hole. Beyond the wall, it’s all lush green land.

Ben digs another hole, and widens the bottom out into a small room for
all of us at the dome. He tunnels into the area of the dome, about 60
yards in, and surfaces through the roots into a temperate rain forest.

We see the snow wall where the dome reaches below the snow line to
the actual ground. Suddenly, there are 5 Allosarae atacking.

Gwen hits one of them with her TK. Ben hits 3 of them so hard they
fly into the air and slam back to the ground taking massive damage.
Those three are now dead. Mallory shoots another with his SMG
knocking it unconcous. Ben hits the last one twice as hard, killing
it as well as knocking it twice as far into the air. By the time
Lance gets done giving Mallory his shield, the combat is over.

BAMPF! We’re back outside, clueless, but Ben now has a hunk of what
looks like a big snake in his hand. He does research on it, and it
is most similar to crocodile.

Tevin continues his discussions with the Admunsen-Scott base
scientists. A drone is sent in with a recorded message telling us
that our memory has been erased and walk away from the dome towards
Admunsen-Scott base. We do so.

We arrive in time to see the other speedster being hauled out.
Wearing his yellow and green striped shorts and his Cubs tank-top.
Ben hands over his sample and the DNA results, the scientist looks
over the data and says it looks like some kind of dinosaur. Lance
asks “why are we here? Have they been hurting anyone?” Not anyone
that the scientist knows of, and although there have been
disappearances there’s no known connection to the dome.

We’ve finally called into NTA HQ, asking why we’re here. We’re here
to establish relationship with the Kelvin Shore Refuge. We were
supposed to meet up with a Diplomatic team, but we haven’t seen them
and they haven’t returned.

Lance flies out to the Kelvin refuge, asks politely if we can have
our diplomatic team back, and suddenly finds a letter sealed in
purple wax with the KS emblem. He takes it back to Admunsen-Scott.

Tevin goes away and will come back in about 10 minutes. The envelope
is opened, and the letter says (paraphrased): “We like it here. We
quit. Signed, the diplomatic team”. (Code words embedded in the
document indicate that this is a legitmate message, not coerced.) The
diplomatic team was composed of metas, and have apparently gotten on
really good terms with the KS people. Tevin returns.

Lance takes another note in asking if they could provide any
information on the talking points they were asked to cover. The note
sits there, Lance watches for a while, and finally leaves.

BACK HISTORY: Kelvin appeared and told metas that if they wanted to
come to KSR, just send him an email, and he would come get them. He
has no interest in communicating with anyone else. He won’t bother
us, don’t bother him.

Long discussion with the Colonel in charge. The upshot is that we
really don’t want to go to war with the KSR. The KSR is not
officially recognized by the Security Council or any of the other
major powers, but has been recognized by about 100 other smaller
countries. The interogation/research results are:

  1. He’s not a U.S. citizen, he’s Kenyan;
  2. Traces on his clothing of various fauna that just don’t go together
  3. The Allosaur meat shows a healthy upbringing;
  4. He’s one of the early KSR members, and they were able to get some
    memories from the huts/pre-dome time of the KSR, about 2-3 years
    ago. A warm enough valley, but not tropical. After 2 years, his
    memories are no longer accessbile due to a mind block.
  5. His memories outside the KSR are accessible from about 8 months
    ago. He’s been erasing data gathered on the KSR. If he can’t
    handle it himself, he can contact people inside the KSR to handle
  6. His communications post is at location X. When location is X is
    investigated, it’s apparent that there was equipment there, but it
    is no longer present, having been removed about 2 hours or so ago.

We are now informed that the speester is gone, and one of the
diplomats is back. The diplomat remembers the following:

  1. Lots of really hot women.
  2. They’re not willing to open diplomatic realtions because they
    don’t consider themselves a state. They are charted in the US as
    a non-profit organization. Sort of like the Red Cross.
  3. They will no longer try to conceal themselves.
  4. The US citizens, those who are still earning, are still paying
    taxes. The KSR organization is still filling the appropriate
  5. He brought a large collection of electronic media from
    Admunsen-Scott, apparently returning all the records they’ve been
    collecting. (Ben makes a point that this is further evidence of
    multiple felony/misdemenors, and sooner or later someone legal is
    going to get a bug up their ass and make an issue of it.)

Lots more discussion, basically amounting to: “Okay boss, what’s the
next mission?”

Back To D.C.

We’re back in our homes, relaxing, with some sort of video playing in
the background, or foreground, or whatever.

A burst of static, and a mad scientist appears on the screen. An
obvious mad scientist. With BRIGHT red hair.

There are anthropomorphic carrots and onions standing in the

The mad scientist now claims to have poisoned all the world’s garlic,
and now has the only supply of garlic that is safe to use. He
demands mucho money in exchange for the safe garlic.

A toxicology lab confirms that the garlic is now lethal at 1
mg/dose. And in fact this includes pre-prepared spaghetti sauce.
All sources of garlic are now effectively WMD.

His broadcast has been triangulated (with difficulty), to a point
just south and west of Bermuda, within the area commonly designated
the Bermuda Triangle. The base is believed mobile.

Satilite photos show that the base is a super-tanker.


Go to his base. Get the cure. Do whatever it takes to dissuade him
from ever doing this again. Capture if possible.


Ben flies us to the super-tanker in Tevin’s tool shed. There are
ambulatory super carrots on the deck. We go through them like a
cuisnart, leaving the deck colored orange. We enter a door, there
are stairwells going up and down. Ben starts by going down and
punching holes. The first hole he punches pours out garlic cloves,
so he decides this may not be a good idea.

We make our way to the top of the superstructure, to the bridge. All
of us except Ben are now crying due to the onions, and there his
vegetable havoc behind us.

We work our way down deck by deck, to something with blinky lights.
It is not a security device. It does not look like normal equipment,
it screams “I am the product of a hyper-mind.”. Ben tries
researching it, but it’s too far into hyper-mind teritory.

While we’re doing that, Tevin does a super-speed recon. There is a
broadcast studio, a couple of big ugly dishes on the superstructure,
lots of cables from the blinky light lead to other parts of the ship,
including the antenas. SIGINT shows that all emisions are outbound
from the ship, as a broadcast, that has the power to cover the world.

The only humans on the ship are us. In the broadcast, Tevin finds
that the broadcast was from a DVR. The second message on the DVR is
basically “10… 9… 8…”. Tevin goes looking for a bomb,
basically by disassembling the entire ship. The DVR message ends
with “0… HaHa… HaHa… … There is enough seed garlic here to
resupply the world. DEATH TO MONSANTO!”

Ben flies the remains of the super-tanker to White Sands. Ben
contacts ATC and basically gets a “WTF? Over?” Then someone comes on
to direct him to Angels 18 (above general aviation, below commercial
airlines), and please follow this course to avoid airports.




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