Ashingham Talents

First Bloom

Fruit from the tree given to the vine

March 3, 2012

Attending: Cregg, Kevin, Mike, Ray
Session XP: 2, On-time to ?.
End of Arc xp: 1

Power up: All existing PCs get 25 additional points.

The team is called to the base to meet the captain. As they walk into the offices, they find them deserted. Soon they find out why. The captain explains the power grid and communication problems have been occurring throughout the United States. In each area, an unidentified plant has been discovered in the area. The plant shares the DNA profile of the spores believed to have had a relationship to the Altilan effects in people.

All the other teams have been sent to investigate the disruptions. Reports of enlarged animals has also been noticed. The gathered team was called to investigate the US epicenter of the spread. It is a town in the midwest and there hasn’t been any word from it in a week. Vehicle go in but don’t come out. The team is tasked with investigating the town, re-establishing power, restoring transportation and finally restoring communications. After that has been accomplished, Slinsky is to use a scanning suit to gather data.

The team takes a helicopter to the town, does a distanced fly-by and sets down outside of the town. During the flyby, the team sees fire breathing cats, squirrels with laser eyes and very large dogs. The team is also able to contact the town police who are holed up at the station.

The team heads towards the airfield to create a landing and refueling spot for the helicopter. At the Airfield, the team faces the cats, squirrels, and birds which create fire bombs. Ben Stone is able to take out the birds and other animals while Burns is able to capture some alive. Ford is able to gather all the strange plants and put them in a pile.

During the clearing, Slinsky is able to perform a cursory scan and study the plant and captured animals. When they try to burn one of the plans, spores are released.

The team then splits up to deal with the main roads. The three major problems are an overturned truck with a oversized cow impression blocking one road, (roving dogs?), and a sleeping groundhog blocking a third. The team pulls the truck to the side of the one road. For the groundhog, Stone tries to lift it which wakes it up. The critter proceeds to get up and walk away. Mallory intentionally injures himself in hopes of triggering his suppression ability. He succeeds and goes after the groundhog which reverts to normal size. Slinsky then tranquilizes the critter. However, when Mallory moves away from the groundhog, it grows back to full size and wakes up. it starts to run away and Mallory has Ben Stone throw him at it. Its a direct hit. Unfortunately, with the animal reverting to normal size, it dies when Mallory lands on him. When the Enlarged dogs are killed, they retain their large size.

The team moves to the power station. There they find four enlarged buzzards sitting on a very strained wire. Mallory’s power momentarily causes the birds to revert to normal size. The instant change in mass results in the wire snapping back up which launches the birds into the air. The birds move to attack the party. The first one, screams out which causes a sonic injury to everyone in the area. using all their powers, the team manages to kill or disable the birds.

At the communiation station, the team encounters motile Sword Grass. The plants are eradicated or disabled and communications are restored. Exploring the area, the team encounters a group of (mercats?) showing signs of rudamentary intelligence. Using gestures, Slinsky put them at ease and initiated peaceful contact.


Corrected character name, it was Mallory, not Tippets who had the disruptive power ability. Neither Tippets nor Gwen were present for this episode.

First Bloom

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