Ashingham Talents

Gamma Base II

Gamma Base II

We are all inside the base now, near the reactor, but not exactly.

Ben asks Tevin to refine his map of the base, hopefully finding the
reactor faster. Tevin does so stealthily and returns with the map
before you can blink. One concealed door is found, immediately next
to the door marked Security Headquarters. As well as the drop down
gun turrets in the ceilings.

There are three areas that have very heavy security. The security
control center (no surprise), the reactor (no surprise), and a third
area with most of the unmarked doors. Hmmm… Wonder where the really
interesting stuff is?

Ben starts tunneling through the complex, on a straight line for the
security complex. As we approach a corridor, Ben’s ground penetrating
radar shows a much heavier pair of armed groups waiting for us. On
Lance’s suggestion, they tunnel OVER the corridor through the rock
over the base. Ben does so, and leaves sufficient room that when they
start firing at where we are, they can’t burn through the rock fast
enough to hit us. The rock does get a bit warmer though.

We approach the security complex. Ben punches a hole in the wall to
look through, not stealthy, just leaving as much cover as he can.
There’s about 20 people and security consoles in the room. He ducks
back, and multiple pistol shots of energy and bullets come zinging

Ben decides to just bust through the wall, like the Kool-Aid Man. He
goes through, and disarms 4. Lance follows and disarms one, and has
a hold of the gun of a second. Gwen uses her KT, with spray and sweep,
and sweeps the entire room of people into a corner. They are now out
of action.

There are still other guards coming through another door with rifles.
The rifles are repeating plasma rifles, four barrels. Ben shoots them
out of their hands, doing serious damage to their left arms. He
advances into the next room, where 14 are armed and moving towards the
fight, 16 are unarmed and headed for the armory. The 14 armed are
disarmed by shots. The 13 of the remaining 16 are convinced by Felix
to surrender. The remaining 3 continue to the armory, but Gwen sweeps
them up to the ceiling. They also surrender.

Felix gets Tevin a set of zip-strips to restrain the people who are
not totally out of combat already. He then goes on to heal those who
took serious damage to their arms.

There is advanced armor available in the armory. In effect, any LAR
armor you have can be raised by one LAR for the same weight. This is
due to advanced materiel’s. Similarly, 1 HAR can be raised to 2 HAR
for the same weight penalty.

There are also more of the repeating plasma rifles. Mallory and Ben
both pick one up (I don’t know about anyone else.) In addition, there
are both goop (tangle) and stun grenades and shotgun rounds. Mallory
picks up a supply of the shotgun rounds and Felix picks up a supply of
the grenades.

Lance hacks the security system doing the following:

  • All security doors are locked down under his control.
  • All security turrets are locked down under his control.
  • He has a remote control which will allow him to turn on all the
    security turrets at once.

At that point, there is a rumble, and then another rumble as a wall in
the security room is smashed through. We now have a number of blue
creatures, wearing knit caps. They come in three sizes. Three apples
high (a swarm), normal human (one), and hulks with 1 meter long feet
(two). That’s right. Super Smurfs.

The swarm takes down Mallory like Gulliver and the Lilliputians. The
normal sized one tries a mind domination on Ben, which fails. The two
big hulks both attack Ben, but the damage to Ben is minimal. Tevin
ties skateboards to the feet of the hulks. Ben punches one and knocks
him out, the other hulk is still standing. Lance fires his Ki-blast
at the remaining hulk and the normal sized. The hulk is knocked
unconscious. The normal guy no longer has a head.

The remaining attackers are the swarm. Gwen’s TK sweep knocks four of
them away. Mallory is still pinned, and chooses to shoot at them with
his new toy. The Plasma SMG he took from the armory. He shoots
multiple of them off, but there’s just so many of them! Ben tries
kicking them, full force. He ends up with one smurf wedged between
his big toe and the next toe, plus one smurf making a smurf sized hole
in the concrete wall and ending up embedded in the stone beyond the

Felix takes two of his new stun grenades and activates them right on
top of the smurf swarm, each does 4 stun, the smurf swarm is knocked

We check out the other security rooms, one of them is the server room,
the other is the chief of security’s office. He’s in the office, with
an array of four massive guns in the wall, which he controls with a
hand held push button.

Ben smashes through the vault door, takes the shots with minimal
damage, walks up and drops a zip-strip cuff pair on the desk,
shrugging. He then takes the personal pistol away and holds onto it
looking at the chief.

The chief looks at him, and quietly puts his hands out for the cuffs.

Lance gets into the server room, and adds a few features to the remote
control of the turrets. He can now toggle the IFF targeting controls
to: shoot at those marked ‘friends’, shoot at those marked
‘not-friends’, and shoot at everyone.

With a bit more work, he gets a view into the reactor room. The
reactor is a set of four tubes, each of which contains a meta. Felix
recognizes them as uncontrolled energy producers from the ATE
hospital. Felix remembers that they were seriously depressive. They
are presently unconscious.

On other security cameras, we detect a pair of meta teams moving
towards us. Lance uses the non-lethal security systems to knock them
out, but one from each team remains standing. Gwen uses her ranged TK
to take one down, the other resists. After a short video chat with
him, he decides to surrender, and asks for the video monitor to be set
to Galaga. Sure!

The security system does not allow view into the third heavily secured
area. The outer door can be opened, but it opens on a short corridor
with a second door that is not under the control of the security
systems. The base is not under full control, the third area is

Lance opens the doors other than those to the third area. This allows
Tevin to clear the base of all the unconscious and otherwise captured

Ben takes a remote device to the admin area and connects it to the
computers there, this allows Lance access to the admin computers,
which he hacks. We now have access to all the admin data. The full
personnel data is transmitted to the NTA, they can start sorting people
out. One question is: Did we get everyone important?

As we dig through the data from both Gamma and Alpha bases, a number
of critical points are revealed.


Genesis Eve

This is a plan to release a tailored virus that will kill or render
infertile more than 99% of the male population of the earth. An 85%
death rate, and less than 1% of males remain fertile.

The plan was to release it from strategic positions across the globe
into key air currents. Many of these locations are on major
mountains: Mount Washington, Pikes Peak, etc. Where no major mountain
was available, a ground to air missile was planted.

The intended launch time was “nowish”, but had to be postponed after
the team stopped the Orion space ship from Alpha Base. The Diana
Foundation leadership — that part of it which was involved in the
plot — wanted to be off the Earth before the plague was launched.

Project Adam

Design and produce males immune to the Genesis Eve plague, and are
genetically enhanced in other ways.

Uterine Replicators

A part of the above plans was the use of Uterine Replicators
(basically artificial wombs), with a branch of research towards
allowing the elimination of males from the reproductive process

(Despite the fact that Gwen is an executive of the Dianna Foundation,
she was not brought in on any of these projects because the cabal
running them knew that she would go ballistic.)

Missing Children

Of the 7/8ths of the children still missing, 4/8ths were hired from
the training bases to the Alpha/Beta/Gamma base projects. The
remaining 3/8ths were found on Alister Quatermain’s submarine base, so
all children are now accounted for.

The previously associated missing persons were not actually part of
the training bases, but were people apparently being recruited by
Alister Quatermain’s organization that either rebelled, or otherwise
didn’t work out.

Beta Base

While Alpha was building the Orion ship that would be the core of the
new space station, Beta was building more ships and components for the
complete space station. Those components would be launched and
eventually dock with the core Orion ship to form the whole station.

Has there been a historical occurrence of Atitlán?

Yes. There is a common antibody, world wide, apparently from 15,000
years ago.

There are three reactions of antibodies to Atitlán.

The Resistors: (Genetic) The antibodies actually cause genetic
changes in the body, and the antibodies are much more active than in
other populations.

The Adaptives: (Life Force) Instead of taking on genetic
modifications, they adapt to the presence of Atitlán toxin.

The Controls: (None) There is no reaction to the presence of Atitlán

Other Issues Settled

Alister Quatermain’s Safe Houses

The government agencies staking them out finally moved in and took all
the people identified into custody. The houses themselves are being
carefully probed by special teams, given what happened at Harmony’s

Cat’s Paws and Pawn

The previously identified four cat’s paws and one pawn that were
directed to gain influence over various organizations have all been
taken into custody.

Harmony’s Parents

The Doctors Puckle were captured as part of the crew of Quatermain’s
submarine base.

The Shiney White Man

Unfortunately not documented in the adventure log, SWM was shot dead
when he mind dominated Ben and told Ben to shoot Tevin. Tevin ran
behind SWM and Ben shot through the SWM to get Tevin. Tevin survived,
SWM did not.

The Anti-Charm Device

The device being built by Abraham Billingsworth has been transported
to the NTA and is in use currently. Brian Ethelstein is no longer
being kept sedated, the device nullifies his power nicely.

K.S.R. Warned

The KSR has been warned that Quatermain’s forces have been attempting
to gather information on them. What they do about it is up to them,
but it makes the rest of the world’s governments nervous.

Stanley Willard and The Weapons Hyper-Mind

Quatermain was interested in Willard because Willard is a weapons
hyper-mind. Although Quatermain already had one such mind, he
believed more would be better. We still have not identified the
weapons hyper-mind responsible for Quatermain’s submarine weapon

Funding for the A/B/G Bases

Although the funding came through TOI, the majority of the funding
came from further up the chain, as directed by the Diana Foundation
cabal in charge of the bases. The fund sources are varied, and all
such evidence has been turned over to the appropriate authorities.

The T.S.R. Scholarships

Many of the successful applicants ended up in one of the A/B/G bases.
It was effectively a recruiting ploy.

The T.S.R Miracle Cure

Was actually just the ATE toxin.

Alpha Base and Quatermain

We found it odd that Quatermain had listed both Beta and Gamma bases
as resources, but not Alpha. That was because he had inserted agents
into Beta and Gamma, but not Alpha.

The ‘Green’ Drug and Quatermain

It is confirmed that Quatermain was the source of the ‘Green’ drug.
He is now wanted by the authorities on drug charges.

Disposition of Quatermain’s Seabase

The NTA is repurposing it as a prison for metas.

Harmony and Gamma Base Discovery

Since the bases were not part of Quatermain’s operations, the reveal
of Gamma base as a result of Harmony’s operations was either
inadvertent, or a deliberate attempt to spike the Diana Foundation’s

E. Burke and Quatermain

The government investigation reports that E. Burke is simply another
alias of Quatermain’s.

Remaining Pending and Investigate Actions

  • Pending
    • Finish Gamma Base
    • Beta Base
    • Harmony Puckle
    • Genesis Eve
    • Project Adam
  • Investigate
    • Dr. Steven Prince
    • Luciano Melifidel
    • Drake Melifidel
    • Pallas A. Parkinson
    • Quatermain’s weapons hyper-mind
    • Reason for the Psihawk Riot

Of the seven people in the archaeological picture, ‘Sam’ (whatever his
full name was), and Beauty W. Black have been captured. The remainder
are still at large.

Since Dr. Prince is portrayed as being mercenary, perhaps he can be
persuaded to our side by a better offer. Lance would like to have him
on hand to help Harmony. Despite Harmony’s involvement with
Quatermain and his project, Lance still rather likes her.



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