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Report on undergound bases

Report on the Underground Bases

Alpha Base – researching “free” energy. Really just power that’s generated so cheaply that it doesn’t really cost anything. Primarily for the space ark, but they are aware of the potential for global economic disruption by a successful approach to the problem. Located in Russia, with both French and Russian language in use.

Beta Base – trying to build a space ark. Located in Ecuador, with Spanish and German languages in use. O’Neil colonies; actual space craft; etc.

Gamma Base – researching post-apocalyptic survival. Located in United States (Washington D.C.) primarily English language.

No present indication of a fourth base or plans for such, but if they did, it would probably focus on psycho-social issues. There are some minor psycho-social studies being done in Gamma Base.

The majority of the funding is coming from TOI, but even more is being funneled through TOI, from as yet unknown sources.

The worrisome idea to the analyst, is that there is an organization preparing all of this. Why? What do they know? What makes doing all of this worthwhile?

We do not know. It could be that they are planning on triggering a catastrophy, or they could just be planning ahead, or they may know that there is a catastrophy coming.

We cannot be inserted into the bases. Security is too high.


Possible retcon: If Beta was building the space ark, then why was the Orion ship launched from Alpha base?

Report on undergound bases

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