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  • Gwen Folsom Background

    Phase 1: Growing Up

    One of 3 siblings (2 girls, one boy). Father was abusive, more so to the girls. Mother was initially passive, but eventually fought back for the kids. Divorced when I was eleven, and eventually demonstrated for better laws …

  • Lance Tippetts

    [[Lance Tippets Background | Extended Background]] * See separate spreadsheet for point spends * Unspent XP: 0

  • Tevin Ford(Tetsuo)

    [[Tevin's Tool Chest | Tevin's Tool Chest]] [[Relativistic Rocks | Relativistic Rock Throwing]] Full bio still under construction.

  • Gwen Folsom

    Home Town (Pre-Origin): Akron, OH Employer: [[Diana Foundation]] [[Gwen Folsom Background]]

  • Mallory Burns

    [[Mallory Burns Powers]] [[Mallory Burns Background]] Event Age: 115 Age: 118 Deaged: 36 years Over the years has made many contacts. As founder of the Church of Yeon, has many supporters in various places that know the history of how power was …