Cannibals Anonymous


Influencing: Controlling Influence over Transnational Organization of Invention
Influenced By:Extensively Influenced by the Diana Foundation
Dedicated to stopping or controlling cannibalism
Solylent Green
Membership numbers are known to shrink suddenly

Meetings for Cannibals Anonymous are every thursday at 7 pm. Attendees are encouraged to come clean in a judgement clear zone.

Cannibals Anonymous’ motto is’’ “Stopping men from preying on men”‘’. While it’s most noticed face is its support to prison inmates who have a taste for human flesh, this is also the smallest and least well-supported activity of the organization. It is immediately obvious to anyone who pays any attention to the CA’s activities, that it’s primary focus is legal aggression against predatory men. And it is rumored that sometimes its agression is extra-legal. One persistent anecdote tells the story of a 49 year old man who beat his 18 year old foreign wife, who fled to the local Diana Foundation shelter barely alive. He remarried. This wife beat him black and blue, left him semi-naked, unconscious in the front yard wearing a child’s pink tutu, and then won both the spousal abuse and divorce proceedings, leaving him broke, incarecerated, and rumored to be a paedophile. Another anecdote – a bank was offering predatory loans to people who could not defend against them as a directly stated internal policy, as well as committing security and tax fraud. Until, that is, a whistleblower revealed the details to the authorities. The second wife and the whistleblower are both alleged to be members of a “CA action committee” – not that any such charge has ever been proved, or even offered.

Cannibals Anonymous

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