Diana Foundation


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Women’s Issues (health care, crime, child care, equality)

The Diana Foundation is a large charitable organization, operating in the US and Canada, dedicated to improving the lot of victimized and underpriviledged women. It provides halfway houses and shelters, subsidized day care, subsidized pediatric and infant health care, and legal aid and support for women. While it does have a small policy and lobbying arm, most of its actual focus is on directly providing its services to the community. The organization is strictly non-partisan; while the media labels it a “liberal” organization, a large portion of its membership are “mama grizzlies”, and an even larger portion of its membership are just strong practical women. This makes the Foundation considerably less of a media darling – the editors and reporters have a hard time making its actions fit their notions. (An example: The halfway houses and shelters are highly respected and have relatively high success rates. But they also offer martial arts (not self-defense, martial arts) training and personal firearms training, including concealed carry.) Still, the Foundation is a highly influential, and respected organization; especially on the local level. Its influence over state and federal affairs is much less, essentially a strong indirect influence from the aggregate of its local influences. The Foundation has not endorsed any politician above a U.S. Congressmember, and while it strongly favors women candidates and incumbents, a few men have passed muster as well.

Diana Foundation

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