The official erratta for Wild Talents can be found here.


All hyperstats are exactly equivalent to normal stats, and automatically include all three qualities (ADU). For Body/Hyperbody, the A quality includes the Throw and Base Damage columns, the D quality the Lift column, and the U quality Sprint and Jump columns. For the other stats, which quality is being invoked depends on the skill/context, e.g. Coordination+Firearms uses the A quality. If the context is unclear, it is U by default. (Note that the same stat+skill may use different qualities in different contexts. Mind+Medicine is A when designing the biowar virus, D when trying to cure a victim, and U when analyzing it.) Each quality the hyperstat is lacking reduces the hyperstat’s cost by 1, to a minimum of 2 (and one quality).


Spray dice may only be used for multiple actions/targets. Penalty dice associated with anything other than multiple actions/targets reduce the base (non-spray) dice pool. If this reduces the base dice pool to zero, the action fails, regardless of the number of spray dice.

Spray Example

Suppose an NPC had a pool of 2hd+Spray(2d+2hd+2wd). Assume the NPC is shooting at 3 targets while standing still. First, all the 2hd in the base pool become normal (because anytime you take a penalty, all hard dice become normal dice), however the Spray pool is explictly immune to this. Then the pool is reduced by 2d, leaving 2d+2hd+2wd in the pool.
Next, assume the NPC is shooting at 3 targets while running. First, take the non-multiple-action penalty from the base pool. This leaves 0d in the base pool, so all the actions fail, regardless of the fact that the Spray pool still has 2d+2hd+2wd available.


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