Lance Tippets Background

Home Town: San Antonio, TX
Organization: US Army (Ret); Applied Sciences

Phase 1: Growing Up

Military family. Lots of moving around with friends all over
the world. One sister.

Phase 2: Starting Out

Attended West Point and accepted a commission in the Army.
Currently serving as a COTR at Applied Sciences.

Phase 3: Moment of Crisis

Present at Applied Sciences when a catastrophic explosion
occurs. Not injured himself, but pitched in on the initial
search and rescue. Saved the life of one seriously wounded man
(Kevin). He was aided in his work by a stranger, who was
instrumental in pulling (Kevin) out of the wreckage.

Phase 4: Sidetracked

My sister was in an abusive marriage, from which the
Diana Foundation rescued her. While she was at the
women’s shelter, I visited. On the day I visited, her
husband attempted to assault the shelter. I defended
it until the police came.

Phase 5: On Your Own

Still in the military, but seriously considering retirement now.
He’s put in a full career, 20 years, so he’s at least 38.

Lance Tippets Background

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