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Ashingham Talents is a Wild Talents supers roleplaying campaign, set in our modern-day world, 30 minutes into our future, with a little jig to the side, and based in the DC Metropolitan area.

Player characters will be some of the first super-powered characters in the world; while there may be other metahumans in the world, all are of recent vintage. While a few flashy metahumans garner media attention, neither society nor law has adapted to the metahuman presence yet.

Technology-wise, expect tech to be one-step further in the adoption process; proven/practical experimental theory → applied research → useful research prototype → “secretive” funding → toy/military/gov’t tech → bleeding edge → mainstream → trailing edge → obsolete.

In Wild Talent’s color system, this world is a Red 3/Gold 4/Blue 3/Black 4 – at least at the start.


Atitlán Eruption
Atitlán Toxin Exposure


Applied Sciences
Big Gun Securities
Blue Water
Blue Water Military Academy
Cannibals Anonymous
Church of Yeon
Diana Foundation
Hughs Foundation
Kelvin Shores Refuge
Polythemus Foundation
Polythemus PAC
Transhumanic Studies and Research
Transnational Organization of Invention


Character Backgrounds

Lance Tippets
Mallory Burns
Tevin Ford: Background
Tevin’s Tool Chest


Character Sheet Formatting
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Main Page

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