Mallory Burns Background


  • 1900 Born
  • 1930 Founded Church of Yeon
  • 1987 Met Tevin Ford
  • 1991 Met Gwen Folson
  • 2000 Developed passion to create a lasting Legacy
  • 2002 Gwen’s Mother got divorced
  • 2005 Family Mending w/Diana Foundation
  • 2008 Heart Attack
  • 2009-2010 Scholarship for Gwen
  • 2012 Atalatian Event
  • 2015 Now

Phase 1: Growing Up

Born New York 1900, Mallory was in a family recovering from the 1890’s depression. His father worked with the bustling horse transportation industry and his mother a seamstress. His father had an injury that put the family into poverty.

Phase 2: Starting Out

Having been impovershed, he sought riches. Saw the boom of the 1920’s then the 1930’s bust. Went on to found the Church of Yeon hoping to bring prosperity to all. The 1890’s and 1930’s depression proved to him what was of value precious metals and faith.

Phase 3: Moment of Crisis

Discovers need of a legacy in 2000. Finds a heart for mending families in 2005 and associates with the Diana Foundation.

Meets Gwen at a women’s shelter and sees heart for a new mission. He devises a scholarship and re-positions his wealth to enable Gwen to carry out a lifetime legacy.

Phase 4: Sidetracked

Nearing the end seems inevitable, this was another chance to impart a legacy lesson as I’m given a chance at more life. Young kids don’t learn lessons they don’t experience, so I share what I can to better the lives of others. Once it was about money, now its about families and legacies, things that better everyone, not just ourselves. Thanks kid for even more opportunities to create legacies.

Phase 5: On Your Own

Positioned to bring youth into positions that one day will control the Diana Foundation and ensure its altruistic goals. Every day could be my last, and the seeds of my legacy have been planted. Now I await my end.

Event Age: 115
Age: 118
Deaged: 36 years
Over the years has made many contacts. As founder of the Church of Yeon, has many supporters in various places that know the history of how power was usurped from the founder. With wealth accumulated over a life-time, 2 senators were strongly supported and owe a minor debt to Mallory. One of his church members has become a low ranking D.C. P.D. official, and has is charismatically indebted to Mallory.
The Dianna Foundation has heavy donations from the Church of Yeon in its early days at Mallory’s direction. As such, there is a strong loyalty to Mallory’s concerns and is how he was able to assist Gwen Folson with finding a position with the Dianna Foundation.
Mallory has outlived many of his close friends, and a younger generation have entered his life in recent years. Gwen Folson has impressed Mallory as a candidate to champion the rights of women and children, and to further Mallory’s new desire to form a legacy in helping others.
Tevin Ford was in a troubling situation when he met Mallory. The two become friendly and Mallory is more than willing to assist Tevin in bettering his lot in life.
Mallory founded the Church of Yeon with an attempt to form wealth accumulation, and still desires to create a financially secure future for those around him. In his later years, those desires changed to something even more permanent than wealth, but a legacy. In an attempt to create a legacy, Mallory used his wealth to generate contacts and to create something enduring as his life was reaching an endpoint.
Mallory has always had a strong faith, and it underlies his overall goals in life, but is a more passive loyalty that is bound to his actions in actively assisting his other passions and loyalties.

Mallory Burns Background

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