Polythemus Foundation


Influencing: Controlling influence over Transhumanic Studies and Research
Influenced by: (None)
think tank
social trends

“The Polythemus Foundation is a non-partisan, non-profit foundation dedicated to analyzing current and past political and social trends, in an effort to predict future trends, and to propose practical implementations of ideas designed to increase personal responsibility and decrease government interference in the everyday life of the American Citizen.” That’s what their literature says, anyway.

The primary source of the foundation’s income is the sale of their analyses – the best of their kind, and priced accordingly. President Harrison acknowledged their help as key to his early (and ’’’very’’’ successful) campaign strategy. The Foundation staffers are a diverse lot, but dedicated to the libertarian philosophy. Employees are often conflicted over the sale of their analyses, as the results are available to all comers, even those whom they disapprove of.

Polythemus Foundation

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