Tevin's Tool Chest

Tevin’s Tool Chest

Tevin has rapidly begun to learn that the Home Depot is his best friend in the world. Tevin’s superluminal speed means that he can make use of simple tools to perform incredible feats. However, he needs to have the tools on hand or properly stashed away somewhere. In order to make best use of his speed, the tools that Tevin uses must be manually operated so that they move at Tevin’s speed; this means power-tools are out of the question, as those would actually slow Tevin down to normal, Earthly speeds (i.e. extremely sub-luminal, which is totally counter to the design of the character). The tools that Tevin uses falls into two general categories, weapon tools and general tools.

Weapon Tools

For weapons, Tevin basically throws small objects at very low relativistic-speeds (like 0.005c – 0.01c). Using the formula for relativistic kinetic energy

KE = mc^2*(1/sqrt(1 – v^2/c^2) – 1)

where m is the rest mass and c is the speed of light in a vacuum, we find that most small objects, like ball bearings and darts, carry an amount of kinetic energy that is equal to that released by 1 – 30 tons of TNT (at more relativistic speeds, like 0.3c, the amount of energy becomes equal to the Hiroshima atomic bomb).

Tevin’s primary weapon-tools are darts and steel ball-bearings.

General Tools

Tevin can use any variety of hand tools. As mentioned, it is critical that the tools not be self-powered, otherwise, Tevin will be forced to slow down to normal, Earthly speeds because the tool does not move at Tevin speeds. However, there are a bunch of ordinary hand-tools that, in Tevin’s hands, become far superior to any power-tool (imagine if you could shovel snow at superluminal speeds. Wouldn’t take long to plow out a city).

Tool List

Below is the current list of tools available to Tevin, with web-links to the Home Depot or wherever else the tool can be purchased in real-life. Additional tools may be added as the campaign progresses. For darts and ball bearings, the mass has been included for reference to use in the relativistic kinetic energy calculation.

Materials List

It’s not enough to just have the tools. Sometimes, it is also necessary to have quick building materials available for things like blocking doors, boarding up windows, and other stuff.

  • Wood Boards
  • Wood Posts
  • Mylar Boards
  • Stone Slabs
  • Metal

Tevin's Tool Chest

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