Transnational Organization of Invention


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Founded in 1985, Transnational Organization of Invention (TOI) was created by a consortium of investors both publicly known and private. Its initial focus was on miniaturization technology and energy generation and storage. It has teamed with private firms, governments, and non-profit organizations. In its short time become a ‘go to’ organization for innovative solutions to 21st century challenges.

Initiall investiment was in miniaturization technologies and energy systmes. Since then, it has spread its investments into biochemical, genetic and other research. TOI has stock portfolios and a significant number of patents to its name. Its scientific experts are consulted by the UN and many countries. TOI has cultivated a good reputation and although some of its patents involve controversal ideas, it has generally steered clear of direct discussion on ‘hot button’ topics where majority opinion is firmly against a concept.

Notable exceptions to avoiding controversy have been in genetic modification in foods and genome sequencing. Regarding food modification, the organization has condemned mistakes that allowed the general food supply to be exposed to unapproved modifications. Some social psycghologists have posited that much of the arguments made would subconscioulsly cause viewers to increase acceptance of genetically modified food in the future with inference that government involvement may be a cause of the problems. The organization has avoided public back lash from patenting genes by making the techniques available to certain drug companies (many of which TOI is invested in).

In truth, it is hard to track TOI’s full portfolio given its depth and breadth.

Transnational Organization of Invention

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