House Rules

Multiple Actions (4)

We are now using the Godlike verison of this power.

Qualities: ADU

Attack (more attacks) Extras and Flaws: Duration +2, Self Only -3. Capacities: Self

Defends (more defenses) Extras and Flaws: Duration +2, Self Only -3. Capacities: Self

Useful (more actions combat) Extras and Flaws: Duration +2, Self Only -3. Capacities: Self

Useful (more actions noncombat) Extras and Flaws: Duration +2, Self Only -3. Capacities: Self

You may make width in declarations, rolls, and resolutions each combat round rather the normal one cycle of each.


This ability is available for use on all large objects (for free), or for purchase as a extra on a power. In both cases, Sweep is assigned a rating, which grants the same effect. For each point of rating, Sweep allows the user to affect an additional target with the same set. If you are making multiple attacks with a single roll, Sweep will apply to each set in the roll. (The combination of Sweep and Spray synergize very well.)

Sweep as an Extra

Any power with a Mass capacity may take Sweep as an Extra. Each point of Sweep rating costs +1 point per die. So the baseline Telekinesis is 10 points per die. With Sweep 1, it’s 11 points/die. Sweep 2, 12 points, and so on.

Sweep on Objects

For objects, determine how much Body it would take to lift the object, then subtract 2. This is the Sweep rating. For each doubling of weight past 10d (12.8 tons), add an additional point of Sweep. This assumes “normal” density (i.e. not solely made of heavy metals (or worse)).

Improvised weapons reduce their Sweep rating by 1 for each successful attack (as pieces fly off). Durable objects (like tanks) experience no reduction for the first scene (or [Rating] attacks if the scene is really long). By “pulling the punch”, this reduction may be avoided entirely.

This also assumes the item is roughly rectangular; long, thin objects (like telephone poles) have their Sweep rating increased by 1. This also assumes the object can be lifted and weilded.

Example Object Weight Sweep Rating
Baseball Bat 2 lbs. 0
Another Person 200 lbs. 1
Motorcycle 400 lbs. 2
Econo-box Car 800 lbs. 3
Sedan, Telephone Pole 1600 lbs. 4
S.U.V, Single Pole Power 1.6 tons 5
Loaded delivery van 3.2 tons 6
Delivery Truck 6.4 tons 7
Semi=trailer 12.8 tons 8
Double semi-trailer 25.6 tons 9
Tank 51.2 tons 10
Freight train 100 tons 11
Patrol Boat 200 tons 12
Frigate 3200 tons 16
Destroyer 12.8 k tons 18
Cargo ship (Handy size) 25.6 k tons 19
Battleship 51.2 k tons 20
Supercarrier 100 k tons 21
Very Large Crude Carrier 200 k tons 22
Ultra Large Crude Carrier(Exxon Valdez) 400 k tons 23

House Rules

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