Kelvin Background

Rodrigo was the younger son of a rich Guatemalan businessman, studying physics at the University of Texas. Then Atitlán erupted, taking with it his family, his friends, and his home. Grieving, he returned to Guatemala sin Angeles as part of relief force. And was one of the first victims of the Atitlán toxin.

He woke up on April 20th, 2014, and vanished from the hospital. A month and a half later, a geological survey team that was taking core samples from mountains deep in the Antarctic mountains encountered him, walking towards the coast barefoot, in tropical clothing, and unharmed. Rodrigo wouldn’t (or couldn’t) explain how he had arrived, nor how he survived, just that the cold didn’t bother him. 2 months later, the doctors couldn’t make any better diagnosis.

On August 15th, Rodrigo declared that he had found a place of refuge on the shores of heaven, that that’s where he had gone when he woke up, and that the Virgin Mary had told him that he was to offer this as a home to the humble, the homeless, the orphans of the world, and that he could and would take those who could not find refuge among the rich countries.

On December 6th, he began taking pilgrims and refuges to the Refuge of the Shores of Heaven, more popularly known as Kelvin Shores Refuge.

Kelvin Background

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